Reading and writing in 2020

2020 was a strange and difficult year. One in which worry replaced creativity, and in which I returned to re-reading, great TV writing and easy reads in search of distraction from the drama outside, and to multi-book series for the relief of staying within the same world for longer than one book alone could provide. But in spite (or because) of all this, I still read 134 books in 2020 (just 13 short of my personal best).

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Reading and writing in 2017

Phew. What a readerly/writerly adventure 2017 turned out to be. Thanks to my four-month Reading and Writing Sabbatical, I screamed past my previous personal-best record and ended the year with a whopping 105 books under my belt (averaging just over 2 books each week – not including repeats, journals or children’s books). Huzzah.

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