Have your say on the new national Cultural Policy

The Federal Government is developing a 10-year cultural policy, and has invited anyone involved or interested Australian art, culture or entertainment to have their say.

If you listen to Australian music, read, watch local-made TV, enjoy going to performances, exhibitions or shows, participate or make any sort of art, this means YOU. Our sector needs as many people to respond as possible to make sure the policy reflects the full diversity of Australian arts and culture.

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Fremantle Press to publish Public.Open.Space

Delighted beyond words that Fremantle Press will publish Public. Open. Space. in July 2023.

Begun during my 2018 Asialink Arts residency at the Hong Kong Arts Centre, it’s a new collection of meme-, micro- and longer-form poems about how our physical and digital spaces are monitored and controlled.

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Resetting our arts boards

Many (if not most) of us are part of the hugely messy and even more misunderstood space that is not-for-profit governance in Australia.

We report to boards, or report to people who report to boards. We apply to the organisations they oversee for our jobs, grants and opportunities. We are board members ourselves.

But this governance model is broken. Even when they’re working well, our boards are usually much harder work than either board members or staff members would like. And good boards can become bad boards in the space of one AGM.

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Our hybrid (accessible) future

COVID-19 rushed the world into digital and hybrid ways of working faster than anyone could have imagined. Unsurprisingly, this led to a lot of reverse-engineering, working-it-out-on-the-job, and many of us getting things wrong. However, it also led to new ways of working and making from which many don’t want to return.

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