Reading and writing in 2020

2020 was a strange and difficult year. One in which worry replaced creativity, and in which I returned to re-reading, great TV writing and easy reads in search of distraction from the drama outside, and to multi-book series for the relief of staying within the same world for longer than one book alone could provide. But in spite (or because) of all this, I still read 134 books in 2020 (just 13 short of my personal best).

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RESOURCE: Tips for writing great arts grant applications

The stakes for arts funding in Australia have never been so high. Unfortunately, neither has the competition. In solidarity with friends, colleagues, clients and organisations who have lost or are in fear for their livelihoods, here are some of my top tips on how to write and submit great arts grant applications. Continue reading “RESOURCE: Tips for writing great arts grant applications”

Reading and writing in 2017

Phew. What a readerly/writerly adventure 2017 turned out to be. Thanks to my four-month Reading and Writing Sabbatical, I screamed past my previous personal-best record and ended the year with a whopping 105 books under my belt (averaging just over 2 books each week – not including repeats, journals or children’s books). Huzzah.

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