Fremantle Press to publish Public.Open.Space

Delighted beyond words that Fremantle Press will publish Public. Open. Space. in July 2023.

Begun during my 2018 Asialink Arts residency at the Hong Kong Arts Centre, it’s a new collection of meme-, micro- and longer-form poems about how our physical and digital spaces are monitored and controlled.

Inspired by a place that is contested and controlled online and in real life, Hong Kong is used as a jumping off point to draw parallels with my own experience. From firewalls to feminism, activism to apathy, the collection explores freedom and its opposite, comparing the difference between being told ‘no’ and choosing to say it ourselves.

Positioned at the intersection of poetic and digital culture, I hope that ‘Public. Open. Space’ will help explore the sense of placeless-ness that is increasingly resonant for those of us living and working within the digital realm. And I couldn’t be more thrilled to share it with you soon.

Author: katelarsenkeys

Arts, Cultural & Non-Profit Consultant. Reader. Writer (Our Hybrid Future, The Relationship is the Project). Researching the art of arts governance.

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