Art of Governance survey opens

In preparation for my 2022 Bundanon residency, I will be undertaking some more research into the governance of arts, cultural and not-for-profit organisations in Australia (and beyond).

If you have been on a not-for-profit Board, Committee or Council, reported to one, or been employed or contracted by an arts, cultural or not-for-profit organisation, please share your experience via this short online survey (it should take between 10-20 minutes to complete).

The survey includes options to remain confidential or to be involved in future discussions. Key findings and summary data will be published without attribution to specific organisations or individuals. Scenarios or anecdotes will never be shared without your permission.

You can also read more about my research in:

Or email me for more information.

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Author: katelarsenkeys

Arts, Cultural & Non-Profit Consultant. Reader. Writer (Our Hybrid Future, The Relationship is the Project). Researching the art of arts governance.

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