RESOURCE: How to be the best Board member you can be

In my work supporting not-for-profit clients, I’m often asked about the role of the Board (and the Chairperson in particular) in supporting their organisations.

What are the most important things for a Chair to remember? What are the things they most often get wrong? Continue reading “RESOURCE: How to be the best Board member you can be”

On rates and reparations: a personal approach

My partner and I have bought a house in Adelaide, our first small piece of ground. With the excitement, anxiety, paperwork, money story and moving boxes has come a surprise serving of white, colonial guilt and responsibility that we didn’t experience when buying our previous apartment in the sky. Continue reading “On rates and reparations: a personal approach”

The numbers don’t add up: MPA Framework response

Responses to the Major Performing Arts (MPA) Framework consultation paper are due by 5pm (AEDT) Monday 26 November 2018. Whether you’re an artist, arts worker or audience member, have your say for the sake of our sector. Continue reading “The numbers don’t add up: MPA Framework response”